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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Get paid to Post on Forums...Same day Paypal Payments

I love this site and I did not want to mention it until I got paid. I would have cashed out sooner but so many things I was doing didnt really get into. Now I am kicking myself. I found myself needing quick cash to my paypal,I mean I needed this money almost instant...same day. Someone mentioned PostLoop. I said I was on there but never did anything, logged in, subscribed to some forums that I want to write on and started posting away.

  • You need a minium of 100 points which equals to $5 to cashout (VERY EASY TO DO)
  •  Before you start you need to do 10 sample posts on the postloop forum, when you sign up they will guide you. 
  • As soon as you are accepted you can start posting away.

 I write on sites I am interested in such as cooking, money making, Gaming and more. There are so many topics that it is almost impossible not to find something that interests you. And did I mention you get paid for this? They pay you in a matter of hours, my cashout took a couple of hours to my paypal. I encourage everyone who wants money to their paypal same day to sign up!

Everyone in any country is welcome to join :)

Please use my referral link and I can advise you along the way

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top Paying Sites for extra money

Name Rating Review Payment Method Link
Surveysavvy 10/10 One of the first sites I joined, been paid hundreds from being with them. Very reliable. They pay via check with any minimum cashout Survey Savvy
SwagBucks 9/10 Very reputable site that pays you for doing surveys, internet searches and Gift Cards!! They do a point system but you can earn very easily and cash out via paypal and sent gift cards to email quick. They also do gift cards and amazon as well as other places Swag Bucks
Ipsos 10/10 Great survey site to save up your money and points till near holiday time and cash out. Never had a problem, tons of surveys Paypal, gift cards, cash Ipsos
Toluna 7/10 Good site, could take a bit to rack up points depending on how much surveys are sent. The do pay Points to redeem cash, gift cards, etc Toluna
Slice The Pie 8/10 Get paid to review music, so easy and legit Cashout via paypal once you reach $10 which is easy to do Slice The Pie
Cash Crate 10/10 Get paid to do just about anything, take surveys, sign up for offers with just an email Fun site and easy to get surveys. You can get paid via check, this site has a special place in my heart I have been with them a long time Cash Crate
Global Test Market 9/10 Very reputable site that pays you for doing surveys They do a point system which I rated them a 9/10, but it doesn't take long to rack them up as long as you do the surveys they send you, Pays check Global Test Market
iSurvey World 8/10 Free to sign up *NEW* Have not been paid yet, but looks promising iSurveyWorld

Just Got Paid :)

I just got paid again by slice the pie and this is one of my sites like bubblews where I do it for fun and not really serious. I can earn $1-200 per month with Slice the Pie which isnt too bad. The only thing is that I dont do this site often so I only end up with a little over $100. You get paid fro listening to music and writing a short honest review. They pay you each time until you reach cashout. Give honest reviews, listen to music and get paid to your paypal, its so easy!

Site for Work at Home Moms

I am always looking for new ways to connect with other work at home mothers like myself and someone also recommended bubblews to me, mentioned Work at Home Moms. I am already part of many forums so I guess it wouldn't hurt to join another group of mother who have made a decent living working from home. One thing I have learned is that networking is one of the keys to success. Even if it is just to see what it is about and what kids of information they can provide. I always find that I get a small piece of information that helps me because I didn't know such sites existed that I can make money from.

Free samples and Freebies for Mom and baby

One of the things that I love about being a mom? is that I get so many free samples for my kiddies. From babies to toddlers, there are so many items that you can be getting in your mail for free!

  • Similac -offers coupons and always have giveaways for every week of your pregnancy. I have saved so much on formula thanks to them. 

  • BabiesOnline - This place is a gem and getting along with a community of mothers like you AND win prizes and getting compensated for participating in fun mommy baby stuff is such a bonus. Just sign up and make your way through the site and begin. 

  • Huggies- Join the huggies club and start getting great prizes and free diapers. 

  • Gerber- Gives you the opportunity to print coupons for free baby food, or get them mailed to your home 

  • Huggies Sweepstake - all you need is enter your email to try your hand at winning some diapers, $1500 worth!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make real money online, Bubblews

Make money with bubblews, this site is best and easy, if you ar from US, India, does not matter, sign up, start posting and liking comments and make money!

They pay via PayPal as long as you make $25 in your account. Check for yourself everyone making money, Philippine, India, everywhere. Sign Up to Bubblews

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Win free Prizes, enter email to win

These sites are awesome, as a mom who stays home and gets paid by doing a few things online, I discovered easy free way to have my chances at winning cool prizes...all you need to do is enter your email and see if you win. Many of my mommy friends have won great things including cash, prizes and vacations. Kohl's $500 Gift Card Grocery $250 Gift Card

Make cash online free

sites that pay for doing surveys, free money, easy make money online...all you need is valid email address

 Get Paid To Do Free Offers! Survey Savvy


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buying a Place

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

My parents have always been overprotective of me, so I wasn’t surprised that when I bought my new house they wanted to be involved. I am single, so it wasn’t bad to have a few extra eyes with me when I was house hunting. I know they think that I am naïve, but I actually think I did a great job in choosing a place and getting a great deal. My parents came along to look at places with me, but I was the one who did all of the work and negotiation with my real estate broker. The official closing for the house is next week, and it is very exciting. Of course my parents are butting in sand lecturing me about how I need to get ADT security Ontario, and make certain repairs. I can’t wait to be out of their house and in my own. I am so ready to be free of my parents’ nagging and constant opinions. I love them dearly, but it is time for me to move on and have my own space. I will still be close to them, but I think they will back off after I leave their house.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ways to save money

It's so easy to say try to save but if you do not make that much money to begin with, where do you start? Make a list of things that you don't really need and can live without. LIke you really need all those channels? with the internet and Netflix you can find other ways for entertainment. Instead of buying books, go to your library. There are many good selections and updated books that can be found in your local library. Walk whenever you can instead of taking the bus or train. Not only does this save money but you can also shed some pounds while you are at it. Cook meals and eat at home. Do not spend money on take out no matter how tempting it is. Find a way to cook meals and save for later.

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to get rid of Clutter

I have a hard time de-cluttering my home. Between the kids and my husband, we tend to not throw stuff away. Now is the time for spring cleaning and have found that trying to do everything at once makes you mot want to do anything at all and just give up. Pick a room and start there first and take small breaks. This way you are not overwhelmed with the task at hand and how hard it is going to be once you get started. Also make bags and piles of what stuff you are going to keep and get rid. DO not be like me and find a reason to hold on to everything. If you ave not used it or worn it in a year, do you really need it?