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Friday, February 29, 2008

Food Lovers Unite!

If you are a food lover like myself, you need to go to and start connecting with other fellow food lovers, you might catch me there as well. I alreade found some great recipes that I am planning on making this weekend. You can share recipes with others, I love that! I am always looking for new recipes to cook for my family because I like to do the once a week cooking to save. Here is more about them: is the ultimate tool for every foodie.

What makes so great? These and many other features:

- Free nutritional analysis, for all recipes on the site and every recipe you submit.
- Share your recipes with your friends and other foodies.
- Discuss recipe ideas and techniques.
- Plan your meal and easily print off your shopping list.
- Create the perfect dinner party

All of this and much more and best of all its all free. Get to to get started today.