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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finance Genius

A question that many have asked is , should you refinance your car and why should you refinance. Doing so is so that some who are paying highr APR's due to them having bad credit scores. Finance Genuis helps you with Vehicle Refinance as well as other kinds of budgeting solutions. I am all about ways that can help make life easier and Finance Genius is there to help.

Setting Goals

The best way that I can save each month is by setting a goal. I think a monthly goal is good but if you are not too sure, set up a weekly one. Think about how much you want to save or sepd each week or month. Do that and stick with it, you will see a major difference, you will wonder how yu were spending so much.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Become a Self-publisher

I love the idea that if you are serious and want to Self Publish, AuthorHouse's self-publishing services can help. I was reading about them and found out that they are the leading self-publishing company in the world since 1997, thats amazing! They will guide with everything that you need to know in order to begin the process so that you can reach your goal. Hard work and dedication as well knowing how to market yourself, they pretty much cover it all.

More Do it yourself Cures

I really enjoyed the post that I wrote the other day about cures that you can do yourself, nothing major but stuff that can help you with things that you may have around the home.

Skin conditions such as bug bites, dry skin and circles under the eye. For bug bites mix a teaspoon of baking soda with enough water until it makes a paste, this works everytime, just let it dry and let it work its magic.

Most of us suffer from dry skin, some worse than others. I know that in the winter time, I get that way. You can help cure this buy running your own milk bath with just water and powdered milk. The water should be warm.

Circle under the eye? Grate some raw potatoe and wrap the shavings in a cloth and place under the eye for 20 minutes, I have not tried this one yet but others have sworn this work.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Information about Cardiac Arrest

It is a great thing that these days we can find information on just about anything on the net from recipes to Cardiac Arrhythmia, you just have to know where to look. Being informed about cardiac arrest is a great way to make sure that you better understand so that you can help your friends and family. My grandfather is at high risk so its good that I can read about this stuff and be aware. I cant to much but with that site, I am helping by being informed.

Remedies that You can Cure

One way of saving money from either going to the doctor or just plain spending tons of dollars buying products to help cure, you can try and do it yourself. This is not a get rid of a major disease type thing, just ways that you can cure the small stuff.

Tummy aches such as nausea you can try ginger ale, we swear by this stuff. For Diarrhea, add a teaspoon of baking soda, salt and sugar in 8 ounces of water. Heartburn, fat free milk or any milk that you may have on hand. It is because milk absorbs acid, but whole milk which has fat can trigger heartburn.

Club Z Tutoring

Sometimes our kids may need a little extra help for school lessons and such, which is why we may use the option of getting a Private Tutor. I remember when one of my kids needed help, we had one over the summer, it really heled. Club Z! Tutoring Services is the world's largest one-on-one tutoring program. They have helped thousands of kids score high on test, learn study skills and of course acedemic confidence. Its a grat way to help a child who needs it.

March is amost over, how much saved?

So March is almost over and just how much haved you saved? I on the other hand have managed to stay on track with my spending, I did splurge a little on Easter for the kids but we made a great day out of little to no cost. Food shopping and makeing meals at home has made me save greatly. I managed to get all that I need for under $100 for the month, I plan to make it much more less costly.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Business Cash Advance

One of the things that I would love to venture into one day is starting my own business. I have not really put much thought into what I would want to do but when I do, I am thinking of getting searching for Small Business Loans. If qualified, they help you out tremendously and you can get your loan within days and the best part is, there is no fixed fees, no application fee so not only is it easy, it is convenient as well. Visit the site to see just how you can get started in the process of getting your loan.

Can you Be Frugal By Yourself?

A friend asked me this question today and I thought it was a great topic to touch on. Can you be frugal if no one els is, especially family? I think it is possible but really hard because while you are trying to save, they are not pinching their pennies. I would talk to each one of them and let them know how it is and how it would be if they start a frugal lifestyle today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Debt Counseling

The Credit Exchange Corporation is a debt referral service where people who are looking for debt settlement can find out where is best for them. People who seek these services are usually ready to improve theri current financial situation for the better. offer all forms of financial services such as Financial Analysis, complete Credit and Debt counseling, and Debt Settlement through their affiliate networks. Take that first step and start on your way of tackling your debts. If you know someone who might need these services, let them know about the site and what they can do to start.

10 Ways To Save Money

These are ways that I personally save money because in todays age, it is getting harder and harder to survive on just what you have.

I get free samples online and I get samples of deodorant, shampoo, t-shirts, snacks etc. I get samples daily so check online on forums and see wht you can get.

I do not go to the movies and when I do I check to see when they have free screenings in your area, so you get to watch them free

No home phone. We have prepaid cell phones and we use free voip to make calls to landlines and phones, since we are always around a computer, this was a great option. No skype because they do charge.

! Vinegar is my answer to everything in the household from cleaning the home to laundry and its super cheap, I can get it for less than $1.

Cook meals at home. I know that many of you know this, but it does help. Imagine how much you spend on takeout, you can make a whole meal and then some. Use the left overs for lunch the next day.

Make your lunches ahead of time. Use leftovers from meals that you made at home and have a weeks worth of lunches saved so that you can just grab and go. It is said that people spend up tp $8 a day on their lunch break. Ouch

I use my library card as entertainment. Great books and movies to watch when home. Thats all you really need.

If you must pay bills, pay online. Its easier and it saves on checks and you do not have to worry about postage, even better is that you do not need a third party to pay it for you like at a payomatic, they charge you a fee.

No starbucks for me. I make my own coffee. One of the mistakes that I used to make was buying their coffee everyday, can you see how much money I was wasting? Well I have a coffee maker and I make my own, look up some copycat recipes for special coffee and bingo! Im drinking good coffee, only homemade and cheap!

Cut our own hair. With a house full of boys and men, haircuts can get costly. So we bought our own hair cutter and they cut their hair. Looks just as good as it would had they got it done elswhere.

These are just some of the ways that I save money. I am sure there are ore, but this is all I can think of now. I hope that I can get some more ideas from people like myself to help share their ways.

Trendy Shorts

With warm weather just around the corner, it is time to take out your shorts. I am the one that is always buying my family clothes so I need to start looking soon. If you do no have any that can fit or just out of style and you need a new pair, I would go with some Roca Wear Shorts. The name brand is very trendy as well as affordable. I am getting my kids and my husband some matching shorts and I am getting them from rocawear. So look cool with the latest and have fun while you are at it.

How to Save Money

You are probably thinking that how in the world can you possibly save money if you are in debt. How can you save money if you do not make enough? The answer is simle, save as much as you can each week, no matter how big or small the amount is because over time, you will see a huge difference.

Make purchases with paper money, not exact change, and always save the change. And use that change and put it into a jar and just watch it accumalate.

If you get some cash that you did not expect, put all or most of it into your savings. Another thing that you can do is once you get paid, pay yourself first and then set aside money for bills and so on. And last but not least, live on and make a budget!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plus Size Lingerie

I have friends that are plus size and one of the things that I do hear them mostly complain about is that it is hard for them to find plus size lingerie. and the thing is, they are not that heavy, but the sizes vary in many places. I told them about and how they have swimsuits and just about anything that you may need especially underwear. Not only that, but they sell the tops and bottom differently so that you can shoose the perfect fit. Its so great that you can get stuff like this online, which makes shopping so much easier!

Ways To Avoid Debt

Many of us are in debt but for those who are not, there are ways that you can try to avoid it. One of the first things that people will tell you is to stay away from credit cards. If you do have one only use it for emergencies and not the kind where there is a once in a lifetime sale at the gap. Try not to use it at all. Having a credit card just opens the doors into debt.

Many of us use cards to buy things that we cannot afford, does that make sense? If you do not have the money now, whats the point? Credit cards are so easy to use that they can lead to overspending so easily. The best way in trying to stay away from debt, is to try and use common sense. If you cant afford it, dont charge it.

Cheap Phone Accessories

We all have cell phones right? In this day and age, who does not? But of course you need accessories but sometimes they can be costly, so what do you do? Well I know where you can get Cheap Mobile Phone Accessories and I do mean cheap! I already sent my sister the link because she always needs them for her many phones. Whether it is for you cell or pocket pc, they have it for you and super cheap!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Battle Of The Grocery Bills

I swear that each month, it is a full on battle with how I can save on my groceries. What I do is, I do not shop in one place, I grab the weekly circulars from various market places in my area, sit down with a pen and paper and compare. Who has the best sale on milk, bread and etc. If I shop in one place, I wont get more for my buck. I will save on one item but then end up getting double charged on not worth it. So do what many of us do, shop from store to store, but with a plan, and besides, its a great work out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Business Loans

I am sure that many of you have heard about it but just in case you have not, I will let you know where you can start to look for any Small Business Cash Advance. If you are in the process of starting your own little business but just do not know where to look, you can start there. Merit Capital Advance looks at the bigger picture by offering a financing program that provides you with working capital now based on your anticipated future. If you want to start your future in the right way, they can help you get started.

I love Being Frugal

And I am not just saying this because it is my blog but being frugal has opened up a new world and I am really getting the hang of it. I have even managed to start getting some of my friends into it, my family are not quite there yet but in time, they will.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Mortgage Quotes

This day and age its very common to find that many people are looking for homes to purchase, whixh is why it helps a great deal if you can get some sort of idea of what Mortgages are like. I have to admit that in the beginning we had our struggles but my family and I are doing well with our payments. I wish that we had found a place to get free quotes. The first anniversary of Nationwide's 25-year fixed-rate mortgage is being celebrated by the building society. I found this to be a very interesting read. The director of mortgages over there has come up with a great plan which permits borrowers to "take it with them" when they purchase a new house in the future. To me thats news and something to look firther into, it is for the future after all.

I love Freecycle

I swear this site is the best place to get free stuff that you need. Today we searched an found many items that people had and we managed to pick up from them. We got 3 huge bags of books in great condition and I think some might be worth something and many I want to read. We got some speakers for the pc which are still like new and some knick knacks that I could put use to. I hardly check it but I will make it a habit to check everyday. I know many people sell the stuff that they get but I like to put use to them and if not, freecycle them back to someone else.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My New Website

I am currently in the process of starting a nice little site, a place where you can shop and still be frugal, who says that just because you are saving money that you can not look like you did on what you wear. There are some great places where you can swap, sell and buy clothing for cheap! My site is still undecided with the direction I am going but I will surely post an update as soon as I can.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Self Pampering

Since cutting back on many things that we did not need, I also had to stop getting my hair done and my nails and such. These were costing us alot as it is not cheap. So looked online and there are so many ways that you can do these yourself. Have a spa party with your friends with homemade facials and do each others nails.

Business Cash Advance

When I think of Business Cash Advance only one site comes to mind and that is If you know anything about advances, then you should know that they are not considered loans or debt, just funds that are advanced. You can find out more information from the site such as Merit Capital Advance looks at the bigger picture by offering a financing program that provides you with working capital now based on your anticipated future Visa® and MasterCard© sales. There is no fixed payment schedule, and repayments are made only when you get paid by your customers. It's the convenient way to get cash right when you need it most. So if you are a new business owner or looking to start your own, you can start there.

Keeping Track

I do find it so hard to really keep tabs on what I spend and how much I do. I have been slacking off lately but I am okay, I think it has mostly to do with the fact that we just did our taxes and I feel that money is okay to spend because we will be getting something soon. Hubby says not to think this way and h notices that when I post on this blog, I keep track but when I do not, well you know.

Unique Cufflinks

My husbands love wearing cufflinks so I decided to take a look at this site that has Unique Cufflinks. I love to see classy looking cufflinks like these because they are so hard to come by. Tateossian jewelry is a luxury product with a unique design. The seasonal collections for both men and women have a distinctive signature, constantly reflecting and reinterpreting trends in fashion. If you have a style, you can find the perfect one for you. Very unique materials are used such as semi-precious stones, fiber optic glass, and CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, are mixed and paired in unique combinations. If you are looking for a great gift for someone special, this is where to look.

LapTop VS. DeskTop

I learned that having a laptop is more energy saving than having a desktop and I admit it does make sense. I use a laptop and I have been using one for a long time and I love it! Nothing is better than being mobile around the house or anywhere else. But a desktop is bigger and will suck energy and with a laptop, you do not have to be plugged in all the time, you can rely on the wireless battery.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Insurance Quotes

It is about that time that my husband and I are actually looking for the best and cheapest Car Insurance policy that we can get. Our current policy is about to expire and we basically want something else. We did find a great site that actually gives you free quotes, I love free by the way, and you can get a quick online quote. The last policy we had was a pain, we really did not shop around we just kind of jumped at the first thing that was offered to us, big mistake, but you live and you learn right? We were just told take this and just go with it, until we found out that other people are not paying as much! Could you imagine us trying to save and have to pay loads of cash for insurance?I just want to know up front a ball park estimate of what to expect. He handles all the details with whats needed, I am so not good with that. Another thing is we also want to purchase a new car so I am wondering if we would have to insure that all together or can we put that on the same policy? Okay enough from me I am off to get that free online quote.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Got Our Taxes Done

Yup, we finally got around to doing that and we are getting a nice return, but you already know where all that money is going to, staright to savings!! I did want to spend it, I really thought about it and I think that I deserve it, but its better to save!


I swear today was the first time that I have heard about this term. From what I am told a feegan is someone who chooses to eat garbage and is also a vegan. I have to admit that I found it strange but I guess a lifestyle is just that. I wonder how long can one practice this?

Saved Money On Light Bill!

I am so happy because we have slashed our light bill in half! Its so easy if you do not need it, do not use it. We do not turn on the light unless we really need it. We bought the push lights with the batteries and place them around the house, many of them and of course we are using rechargeable batteries so that saves us alot also. Its easy the kids uses it instead of tuning on the lights and we open up the shades so that the natural light comes in.