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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Ways To Save Money

These are ways that I personally save money because in todays age, it is getting harder and harder to survive on just what you have.

I get free samples online and I get samples of deodorant, shampoo, t-shirts, snacks etc. I get samples daily so check online on forums and see wht you can get.

I do not go to the movies and when I do I check to see when they have free screenings in your area, so you get to watch them free

No home phone. We have prepaid cell phones and we use free voip to make calls to landlines and phones, since we are always around a computer, this was a great option. No skype because they do charge.

! Vinegar is my answer to everything in the household from cleaning the home to laundry and its super cheap, I can get it for less than $1.

Cook meals at home. I know that many of you know this, but it does help. Imagine how much you spend on takeout, you can make a whole meal and then some. Use the left overs for lunch the next day.

Make your lunches ahead of time. Use leftovers from meals that you made at home and have a weeks worth of lunches saved so that you can just grab and go. It is said that people spend up tp $8 a day on their lunch break. Ouch

I use my library card as entertainment. Great books and movies to watch when home. Thats all you really need.

If you must pay bills, pay online. Its easier and it saves on checks and you do not have to worry about postage, even better is that you do not need a third party to pay it for you like at a payomatic, they charge you a fee.

No starbucks for me. I make my own coffee. One of the mistakes that I used to make was buying their coffee everyday, can you see how much money I was wasting? Well I have a coffee maker and I make my own, look up some copycat recipes for special coffee and bingo! Im drinking good coffee, only homemade and cheap!

Cut our own hair. With a house full of boys and men, haircuts can get costly. So we bought our own hair cutter and they cut their hair. Looks just as good as it would had they got it done elswhere.

These are just some of the ways that I save money. I am sure there are ore, but this is all I can think of now. I hope that I can get some more ideas from people like myself to help share their ways.