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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Insurance Quotes

It is about that time that my husband and I are actually looking for the best and cheapest Car Insurance policy that we can get. Our current policy is about to expire and we basically want something else. We did find a great site that actually gives you free quotes, I love free by the way, and you can get a quick online quote. The last policy we had was a pain, we really did not shop around we just kind of jumped at the first thing that was offered to us, big mistake, but you live and you learn right? We were just told take this and just go with it, until we found out that other people are not paying as much! Could you imagine us trying to save and have to pay loads of cash for insurance?I just want to know up front a ball park estimate of what to expect. He handles all the details with whats needed, I am so not good with that. Another thing is we also want to purchase a new car so I am wondering if we would have to insure that all together or can we put that on the same policy? Okay enough from me I am off to get that free online quote.