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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going To the Rodeo

I have never been to a rodeo before but that may son change. I remember that a couple of years ago, some of my family members did manage to go and they raved on and on about it. My brother was so proud of himself of course because he was the one that got the tickets and they were super great. I was sick at the time so of course I could not have trveled, but all I kept hearing was how great their seating was and it was so much fun. So this year I am personally going online and getting the National Rodeo Finals tickets. I will be in Vegas enjoying the rodeo! I have always wanted to go because I love Las Vegas and the rodeo is a big part of that, if you ever have the chance I would love for you guys to experience it as well. Can't wait to see who this years winner will be! I will be getting the tickets the samme place my brother did, he said he got an awesome deal with seating and pricing so it is affordable and you get great seats. Come join me and we can make a nice trip to the rodeo finals in vegas, a few of my pals want to go so you know its going to be fun!