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Monday, June 30, 2008

How long do I have to be frugal?

I was wondering to myself today, how long before I can say that I am financially comfortable? Do I have to do this forever, do I pass down the frugal stick to others? As I clip coupons, I say to myself that I love doing it and saving, I dont think of it as frugality, just being money savvy.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hector Kabande

Hector Kabande is a renowned cook who is best known for his mexican dishes which were really spicy, everyone in my family loves spicy dishes! From what I read, he still has a passion to make his dishes. I would love to try his meals out, thats one thing I do enjoy is great meals and this guy knows how to do so. Hector Kabande shares his time between Mexico and the US where he lives part of the year in San Diego California.


I have never had a calendar in which it was not used for meal planning or just regular events. Our calendars are always loaded up with something that we must attend or family outings and just filled. So DH got me a calendar and he said its just for me, no meal planing on it or anything, I was shocked because I never had a clean calendar, lol.

Dining Furniture

I love entertaining my guests and family memebers when we have a little get together going on, which is why having the best looking Dining Room Furniture is a must! I love spacify because they have all your needs for any furniture that you would want in your household and for an awesome price. Feel free to see what they have to make your dining room make people feel right at home.

Making Menus

I love to cook many dishes at home and what we do is store them n our fridge. Wehn its about dinner time or lunch, I have a menu already made to see what each person in the household wants to eat! Cool right? I make them each week and I will see what will each of you be having and they pick and choose. This gives the effect of really dining out, only much cheaper.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Auto Body Repair

In many cases a good auto body repair such as auto body columbus is good to know because you never know when you are going to be in need. Go to the site and see if they can help you in your area if you need a good body repair for your vehicle.

Paying Bills Online

I have been loving paying my bills online because it is so much easuer and convenient and it is pretty hard for me to forget and it beats writing checks out or making money orders. I usually pay with my debit card, I cant quite have the automatic thing setup.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shop For Baby Clothing

When I had my boys, I loved shopping online for Tiny Tiny Clothing just for them. Here is an awesome retail site that sells everything that you need for your little one. the clothes are so cute, stylish as well as affordable. Your child will be so comfortable in these clothes, I love this site so much and this is where to go for baby boy clothes or girl clothing. Also be sure to check out they have lovely hand-dyed Tie Dye garments in rich, beautiful colors and designs.

Easier Said than Done

I had plans to do what I wanted to do today, I even wrote up a neat little list. I looked at the list and realized, I am never going to get half of those things done and by thinking that made me even more lazier to do the tasks. I need to motivate myself more.

Need AC in the Car!

When I say that you need to make sure that the AC in your car works, I mean it! Our car AC does not work and I am not sure what we need is a AC Compressor or not. I know one thing, has all the parts needed for us to make our car cool again. My husband thinks its the Auto A/C compressor as well. I dont care what it is, I need to have auto air conditioning because it is just too hot.

Meals for the week

i am sorting out what exactly I have in my pantry and in the fridge because I want to make sure that I have things on hand instead of buying more. I am making a list of all that I so I can prepare a weeks worth of meals for my family. I need to make dinner and lunches, breakfast I like fresh so I have to see what I need to work with.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Trusted Tours & Attractions

I love spending time with my family so we are deciding where we should be going this year, I love family trips and I will tell you why. One year we decided to go to Boston mainly because we did see on the site that there were many things to do in Boston and they were right. We did just about everything a family could do, we dined at the best places, did some sightseeing and also took as much pictures as we could, we wanted to make sure that we captured every single moment so that we could show family and friends. And most of all the kids had an awesome time, this is something that they will never forget so I love to pick places where we could have a good time. We want to try and planWashington dc sightseeing because we never been but on the site, it sounds amazing. If you sign up to the sites newsletter, you can get a chance to win a gps, that would come in handy with all that traveling, trust me! So when you are planning that next vacation, make sure that you go with Trusted Tours, they are the best for online travel guides.

Where is the best Places to Shop

When ou are going grocery shopping is there a specific place that you love to shop at? I love discounts stores and dollar stores, but I need to start egtting to costco more often, I do not buy in bulk but I am going to start doing so becuase I truly think that it does help you save more for your buck.

Online Marketing

Since I have been online and having sites and blogs, I learned so much about online marketing so that others can know that you exist. Imagine millions of websites online but if others can not see, how do you go about doing so? brings you a new way to help you with that nd more. Get with them and your sites will be on the biggest search engines in about 72 hours! They know all about SEO and keywords that will help you with that. It really sounds like they know what to do and how to do, SEO at its best. It will be out this summer so be sure to go to the site and see how they can help you.

Participate in Batman Sweeps

Remember my earlier post about starting to participate in sweeps, well I have been doing so and of course I am going to share which ones I joins so that you guys can too and hopefully one of us will win, lol. You can join here. prizes include 1,500 keytags, 250 backpacks, and 500 baseball caps. You can enter daily until the sweeps ends on August 31. Everyone can only win once so goodluck.

Shop for Cell Phones

I remember when the whole cellphone boom thing happen, everyone had one but what sort of plans was for us and how do we go about shopping for one. you get the answer to all of that and they make things so much easier because its all their. Everyone knows that I love to save money so if I can find a place to do just that, I will gladly share. My kids were afriad that when I said I found a great cheap plan that can help us save more money as wel as get cash back, they were afriad that it might be something that they would not think looks cool. But to their suprise, you can save money and still have a very stylish looking phone, thanks to the site. I am telling you guys, you really need to go there and see what plans work for you and see just how much you can save. We all need cellphones so why not get one that will not cost you much. I dont knto what I would do without this site. As frugal as I a, I think that shoppng for the best cellphones start from, I mean the name says it all.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picked up From Freecycle

We had a great day for picking up some stuff from freecycle. We managed to get a printer/copier/scanner, dvd's and a bookshelf. We have found freecycle to be a great place to make someone elses garbage, your treasure. It is not really garbage but they just have no use for it and many of us do. So here is 3 cheers for free cycle, hip hip horay, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!

Liquid Force Wakeboards

We plan on going to california some time hopefully before the end of the summer and one of the things that I look forward to purchasing is Liquid Force Wakeboards. My husband loves his and wants a new one, so I found where I could get them and they lok so great, totally his style. They offer free shipping as well as great prices on the boards. They have all sorts so you can find what you need. Go check it out and get one for yourself or as a gift. Either way its great to shop at

Shopping at Dollar Stores

I love it so much. They have everything from groceries and toiletries and just about everything that you can have in your pantry. Generic cereals and meats and snacks, you can m make a meal for days by spending less than $30. I love it and I try to shop around many stores to find different kinds of stores.

Waste Management Software

Carolina Software, Inc specializes in solid waste management. I learned about them because we all need a proper way to dispose of waste. They help manage by having a software that helps lanfills and others manage how they dispose of it by using the software which you can actually go to the site and order if you are in need of it. They have been doing this for years and now they have many clients that they are able to branch out to by a click of the computer. So to learn more, you can go to the site and check it out.

Call and Email Freebies

Did you know that you can actually call the company or just simply email them to get some free samples of the product? I was shocked to learn this but many people are doing this. Now keep in mind that not every company does this but it still does not hurt to try.

Walk in Bath Tub

My husband and I are really thinking about getting awalkin tubs. I was just reading about it and I love the idea not only for me but for my parents, I think it would be easier for them to have one in their household because of how it is built. I am always thinking about safety for them. But I also love the way the style is and we need one for our home, so we are checking out the site for that and see what they can do for us.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daily Sweeps

I swear I never have luck with these things but I have just recently decided to give them another shot. These days there seems to be more of them popping up and for really great stuff. I am going to participate now even more because I am home more often so I get a chance to be there and hopefully be one of the winners that they have daily.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coupon Ninja!

You guys know how much I love coupons right? Well my thing nw is Coupon Codes! If I want to shop for something that I am in need for, I go to coupon ninja first and see the codes that I could use and shop from there, I can save tons. In this day and age, we need all the help that we can get, so go to this site and take advantage of the codes and save for everyone. Spread the word about this awesome site that is helping many people such as myself save alot.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I absolutely love searching for free samples and it makes my day when they do come in the mail because I love keeping them in a pile and just fawning ove them, I have gotten some great ones too, I list them on my other sites, i like to keep most of them and give some away, its great and fun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coupon Clipping Frenzy!

I have been on a frenzy these past few day, I can not pass up a great deal. I am so loving shopping at cvs and walgreen because I can save tons there. I bought myslef a coupon folder that have the categories in them so that way I could manage the coupons that I have and need for the time being. I wait for the sales and then use them then so I get a double bargain!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Radio Disney in Wildwood New Jersey

I just want to say that my kids and I love anything disney so when we heard abut the radio disney concert, we decided that we need to look for Wildwood nj motels because we are so there! And the best part of it is that these concerts are FREE! Since it is disney, you can expect to see that Top Radio Disney artists will be there. July 7th, 14th and 21st which is Magic Mondays - Radio Disney’s hottest musical artists will appear live on Morey’s Piers. These FREE concerts will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier. Show times are scheduled for 1 pm and 4 pm. We might just vacation there because it sounds like great fun at moreys piers. If you show your concert ticket, you get 10 off an all-day waterpark ticket for either Raging Waters or Ocean Oasis, or $10 off an amusement pier wristband valid for all three of Morey’s Piers, or $15 off a one-day splash and ride combination ticket. We were wondering were to go this summer and thought about Things to do in New Jersey and this is perfect.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Retirement Plan to Pay Mortgage

This is insane to know that many people are tapping into their retirement plans in order to make mortgage payments, what is to become when they get older? If you find yourself in that position just do a search for National League of Cities and ICMA-RC and they do help people with aking payments on their homes.