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Monday, June 23, 2008

Trusted Tours & Attractions

I love spending time with my family so we are deciding where we should be going this year, I love family trips and I will tell you why. One year we decided to go to Boston mainly because we did see on the site that there were many things to do in Boston and they were right. We did just about everything a family could do, we dined at the best places, did some sightseeing and also took as much pictures as we could, we wanted to make sure that we captured every single moment so that we could show family and friends. And most of all the kids had an awesome time, this is something that they will never forget so I love to pick places where we could have a good time. We want to try and planWashington dc sightseeing because we never been but on the site, it sounds amazing. If you sign up to the sites newsletter, you can get a chance to win a gps, that would come in handy with all that traveling, trust me! So when you are planning that next vacation, make sure that you go with Trusted Tours, they are the best for online travel guides.