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Friday, August 8, 2008

Tool to Show Sites Value

You can finally use a tool that will show the real valuation of websites. Many free online ones are not accurate but this tool is more accurate than any of those you can find. I would love to know how to valuate a site and know exactly what to expect. Buying and selling websites are a huge business and many people would like to know the true value of sites that they may be interested in buying or selling. As a seller, you would like to know how much can you get it for, and a buyer, you want to know if the site is worth that much, either way it is a win-win situation for both. I know that if I am interesting in buying a domain, I want to know exactly how is the PR and backlinks and many tools out there show different stats, what to do? Who to believe? Well like I mentioned before this one is more accurate than the others. It provides a lot of useful detail, graphs, charts and predictions in its detailed Valuation Report. They have collaborated with sitepoint, which is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling sites. Go check it out and see what I am talkng about. This tol is in beta stages but ebizvaluations is here to stay.